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Lantal's design office

For Lantal, design by far transcends the purely external form and color facets of textiles. Lantal's design service is underpinned with consulting competence, a customer-centric attitude, and a multitude of visualization options. 

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal's all-in-one solutions approach begins with design services. Our experienced design team is specialized in planning and developing aircraft interiors. 

The outcome is always a customer-specific concept that contributes to the ultimate in passenger well-being and cost-effectiveness for the airline.

In addition to consulting services, Lantal also offers several fast-track options for the swift and realistic visualization of interior concepts.


Lantal's design team provides the ideal starting point for the elaboration of new designs. First, it examines the customer's corporate identity and visual elements. The insights gained from this analysis are summarized in a presentation that illustrates the visual contact points and compares them with competitors. 

After the analysis phase, the design team prepares moodboard or moodbooklets. They outline initial motifs and color concepts. Proceeding toward the finalization stage, the design team prepares a presentation board with real fabric samples from the collections. It constitutes the foundation for the implementation of the new design.


To minimize costs, Lantal can adjust the colors and the design of the textiles with simulations or retouched scans. This allows the customer to judge very early on whether or not the design proposals correspond with expectations while eliminating the need to weave unnecessary samples. 

3D visualization

To assess the effect of a product selection, it has to be presented in realistic surroundings. For this reason, Lantal visualizes the fabric and carpet images modified in simulations by using a 3D graphics program. 

It showcases the product selection in a three-dimensionally constructed interior space. Lantal has the ability to pre-visualize a new concept within merely 24 hours.

Woven samples

The last step prior to production involves weaving a sample of the chosen design. The woven sample presents the final design with the defined color and quality, delivering a realistic impression of the end product. On request by the customer, this presentation can be complemented with analyses and tests.

Synopsis booklet

To round out the project, Lantal creates a booklet that provides a comprehensive overview of all steps and phases. It also contains all original materials from the scope of delivery.