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Sound-absorbing curtains

Lantal's sound-absorbing curtains lessen noise levels and soften sounds in the cabin. Additionally, an opaque inlay prevents galley lights from disturbing passengers at night.

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Depending on requirements, Lantal offers two different sound-absorbing curtain versions: The sound-absorbing curtain light and the sound-absorbing curtain extra. Both versions provide a high level of sound absorption on both sides. This reduces the noise level in the galleys and cabins. The curtains are heat-pleated and retain their original appearance throughout their entire service life.

Lantal's sound-absorbing curtains are permanently flame-retardant according to FAR/CS 25.853 and fulfill the smoke and toxicity guidelines issued by Airbus and Boeing. Thanks to the Design Organization (DOA, EASA Part 21 J) status of Lantal’s subsidiary ASI (EASA.21J.129), a minor change approval for your curtain project is no problem in that a DO/PO Agreement exists between the subsidiary and Lantal. On request, sound-absorbing curtains can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Lantal is eager to support you in the development of your envisaged sound-absorbing curtain. Expect us to proactively support you with proposals and concepts that match your cabin.