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Single-source convenience

Our world is the spaces occupied by passengers. For us, this encompasses everything: we leave nothing unfinished in your hands: Lantal offers you total solutions from a single source, from design development to production and warehousing.

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Eight steps to the all-in-one solution

More and more carriers are discovering the economies of scale associated with Lantal's all-in-one approach to soft interiors. 

You save time and money with Lantal's all-in-one approach. The single customer interface assures superb product quality while boosting efficiency and speed across all project implementation phases. 

Find out more about our comprehensive scope of deliverables.

Brand and design

Every year, Lantal launches trailblazing design innovations. Our designers create nearly 1000 new customer-specific design proposals a year, for fabrics, velvet weaves, and carpets.

All designs and weaves are visualized with specially developed software and readied for the production phase. Lantal's three-dimensional views give customers realistic impressions of their future interiors.

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Each year, our laboratory technicians perform over 8000 tests. This creates the assurance that our fabrics and carpets fulfill the industry's strict safety requirements.

Lantal's laboratory services encompass safety and quality tests with materials used in aircraft, bus, and train interiors. The in-house lab tests flammability, toxicity, and heat generation and issues test certificates that are recognized by EASA. This is a sought-after service – among external customers as well.

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Production planners register the orders for velvet and flat weaves as well as carpets and continually coordinate manufacturing and sourcing of all necessary textiles.

In this respect, Lantal relies on comprehensive foresight. On the one hand, this means considerable flexibility in accommodating scheduling changes; on the other, it supports circumspect planning with farsightedness and allows the early identification of crucial factors.


Lantal is the only textile company in the world that produces carpets, velvets, and flat weaves. Apart from its own weaving mills in Switzerland and the USA, Lantal also handles the remaining production processes in its own facilities.

The dyehouse in Melchnau is responsible for dyeing the bobbins and skeins that are used in the manufacture of Lantal textiles. The dyed skeins are forwarded to the winding department where they are twisted into monochrome or multi-colored yarns.

In the warping phase that follows, we lay a further cornerstone that determines the quality of Lantal textiles: Precise calculations and threading uniformity result in flawless warp beams. Lantal's weavers rely on them when they produce carpets, velvets, and flat weaves. 

At Lantal, nothing is left to chance where textile quality is concerned. Accordingly, a mender checks every single piece and manually rectifies minor weaving flaws. To make them deployable in the transportation industry, the textiles are endowed with coatings and finishes. 

After a last quality check in the final inspection phase, the fabrics are packaged and shipped to our customers all over the world.

Cut and sew

In the interest of simplified and expedited installation, Lantal offers ready-to-fit products. This offer is available for seat, floor, cabin divider, and wall applications. Lantal's in-house engineering department is authorized to modify ready-to-install products and ship them with an EASA Form 1.

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Apart from ready-to-install products, Lantal also offers accessories which significantly reduce the installation effort. One example is our double-sided tape which simplifies the carpet laying process.


After the textiles have been coated, finished, and subjected to a final quality inspection, Lantal makes sure they are professionally forwarded by truck, plane, or ship. Our status as a known consignor streamlines the shipping phase.


Lantal's service does not end when the ordered goods have been delivered. Customers can rely on Lantal's know-how and support throughout the entire lifetime of the products.

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